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POSEIDON 7-67 FA small

Nilfisk koudwater hogedrukreiniger MC 7P 195/1280 scheepvaart

Nilfisk koudwater hogedrukreiniger MC 3C-150/660 compleet

Nilfisk koudwater hogedrukreiniger MC 3C-150/660

SH SOLAR 7P-170/1200 E54 (440V / 3~ / 60Hz)

Pompdruk (bar/MPa) 170
Watercapaciteit Qmax-Aiec (l/u) 1200
Pomp (tpm)
Wateruitvoertemperatuur (water/stoom)(°C)
Elektrische aansluitwaarden 440V / 3~ / 60Hz
Afmetingen lxbxh (mm) 670x90x1077
Gewicht (kg) 0
Offerte aanvragen
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The SOLAR BOOSTER E line is equipped a large 119 l heating tank and can be produced in several heating sizes from 18 kW to 54 kW depending upon the temperature requirements and available electrical network. Electrical heating is pollution free. The integrated PLC enables machines to be personalized with a range of factory mounted options.


A feeder pump prior to the high pressure pump ensures that the machine can reliably produce a max temp of 85°C, pre-heated in the tank placed before the pump. Thanks to the pre-heating tank, hot water is available as soon as the spray gun is activated.


Electrical powered stationary heating for maximum efficiency in the automotive, industrial, food and shipping sectors. Electrical heating is exhaust gas and pollution free.


Expandable control technology with PLC and special options
Automatic diagnosis and fault finding
Pollution free, heating system
Galvanised steel frame and cabinet
Reduced running and service costs
Large 119 L heating tank for excellent heating capacity
Available up to 54 kW heating
C3 longlife pump with 4 ceramic pistons

Artikelnummer 107370278
Merk Nilfisk
Pompdruk (bar/MPa) 170
Watercapaciteit Qmax-Aiec (l/u) 1200
Keramische plunjers 4
Watertoevoertemperatuur max. (°C) 85
Afmetingen lxbxh (mm) 670x90x1077
Gewicht (kg) 0
Warmwatervoorziening Ja
Elektrische aansluitwaarden 440V / 3~ / 60Hz
Stroomverbruik (KW) 7.5 + 54
Serie Fabrikant 7 serie
EAN-code 5711145147370