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POSEIDON 6-64 FA small

Nilfisk koudwater hogedrukreiniger MC 6P-250/100 (scheepvaart 60Hz)

Solar Booster 7-58 E54 H small

SH SOLAR 7P-170/1200 E54 (440V / 3~ / 60Hz)

Nilfisk koudwater hogedrukreiniger MC 7P 195/1280 scheepvaart

Pompdruk (bar/MPa) 195
Watercapaciteit Qmax-Aiec (l/u) 1280
Pomp (tpm) 1750
Wateruitvoertemperatuur (water/stoom)(°C)
Elektrische aansluitwaarden 220-440V / 3~ / 60Hz
Afmetingen lxbxh (mm) 775x570x1020
Gewicht (kg) 91
€ 6.122,60 € 5.060,00
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Nilfisk MC 7P-195/1280 FA 400/3/50 EU

The MC 7P-195/1280 FA 400/3/50 EU is equipped with the well-known industrial C3 pump : 4 ceramic pistons, double roller bearings, flow activated unloader system and 1450 rpm motor for high intensity use with maximum performance and comfort. Capable of accepting 85°C inlet water, the POSEIDON 7 can be used as an effective hot water cleaner if your environment permits. The pump is also known for use with salt water and in a wide range of harsh environments. The result is optimised workload, high cleaning efficiency, reduced downtime and long lifetime.


The POSEIDON 7 industrial class cold water high pressure washer combines the renowned and unmatchable lifetime and quality of the C3, 4 piston pump with optimal ergonomics and mobility to offer an innovative and unbeatable partner for applications in heavy industry, large agriculture, transport and valetting, shipping and food industry.


C3 4 ceramic piston pump with 85°C inlet temperature
Tough and sturdy design with 30mm steel frame
Optimal storage and transport with foldable handle and easy lifting points
High mobility with large rear wheels and front castor wheel
Easy accessibility to pump
Optimal service concept, Ergonomic accessory concept
Flow activated control system
Low pump oil safety function
Water adjustment at pump head
2 detergent tanks and 2-way dosing valve

Artikelnummer 107146806
Merk Nilfisk
Pompdruk (bar/MPa) 195
Watercapaciteit Qmax-Aiec (l/u) 1280
Pomp (tpm) 1750
Keramische plunjers 4
Watertoevoertemperatuur max. (°C) 85
Aanzuighoogte (m) 1.0
Afmetingen lxbxh (mm) 775x570x1020
Gewicht (kg) 91
Warmwatervoorziening Nee
Elektrische aansluitwaarden 220-440V / 3~ / 60Hz
Stroomverbruik (KW) 8.0
Elektrokabel (M) 8
Serie Fabrikant 7 serie
EAN-code 4005337189219
Naam voorheen POSEIDON 7-67 FA