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Nilfisk MC 5M-200/1050 60Hz koudwater hogedrukreiniger 107146713 (s)

Nilfisk koudwater hogedrukreiniger MC 5M scheepvaart

MC 2C-60/380 US (110V / 1~ / 60Hz)

Pompdruk (bar/MPa) 57
Watercapaciteit Qmax-Aiec (l/u) 384
Pomp (tpm) 3400
Wateruitvoertemperatuur (water/stoom)(°C)
Elektrische aansluitwaarden 120V / 1~ / 60Hz
Afmetingen lxbxh (mm) 394x391x955
Gewicht (kg) 28
€ 1.345,52 € 1.112,00
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Nilfisk MC 2C-60/380 koudwater hogedrukreiniger 120V / 1~ / 60Hz 


The POSEIDON 2 mobile units associates a high level of ergonomics with cleaning power. The POSEIDON 2 line comprises models designed for routine semi-professional use mainly by tradesmen, on small construction sites or for rentals. The mobile unit associates a high level of ergonomics with cleaning power. The compact cold water line that combines high performance level for increased cleaning efficiency, ergonomics and durability for superior everyday cleaning.


The POSEIDON 2 range is destined for low intensity use and routine cleaning tasks. They offer excellent cleaning performance, professional spray equipment, good storage facilities and handling.


Automatic Start/stop
Ergo accessory concept
Brass cylinder head for long life
Steel reinforced High Pressure Hose (standard 10 m, XT 15 m)
Detergent injector hose and doser
Removable integrated detergent tank (2 l)
Water flow regulation
Ajustable transport handle

Artikelnummer 128470145
Merk Nilfisk
Pompdruk (bar/MPa) 57
Watercapaciteit Qmax-Aiec (l/u) 384
Pomp (tpm) 3400
Keramisch gecoate plunjers 3
Watertoevoertemperatuur max. (°C) 60
Aanzuighoogte (m) 0.5
Afmetingen lxbxh (mm) 394x391x955
Gewicht (kg) 28
Warmwatervoorziening Nee
Elektrische aansluitwaarden 120V / 1~ / 60Hz
Stroomverbruik (KW) 1.3
Elektrokabel (M) 5
Serie Fabrikant 2 serie
EAN-code 5703887109433
Naam voorheen POSEIDON 2-20 X